10 years of Łódź Film Fund

Łódź Film Fund - the first project of this kind in Poland - is just celebrating its 10th anniversary. Since 2007 it has provided financial support to 58 feature, documentary and animated productions at the total amount of nearly PLN 7,000,000. Including this year’s jubilee edition of the fund the result will be even more impressive: 70 co-financed films at the amount of more than PLN 8,000,000. The regional film fund helps to complement budgets of both coming out and experienced authors and producers having, at the same time, a direct influence on development of Polish cinematography. The fund’s activities are not only continued, but also developed if financial and organizational issues allow. Creation, in 2017, of the possibility to co-finance productions whose funds are spent in the territory of Łódź and the region on post-production is the best instance. It is worth adding that in 2008 the Mayor of the City of Łódź obtained a special award of the Polish Film Institute (PISF) - “The friend of Polish cinematography” for establishment of the first in Poland regional film fund. 
The City of Łódź has supported films repeatedly awarded at Polish and international festivals such as e.g. the Oscar-winning Ida directed by Paweł Pawlikowski, the Oscar-nominated In Darkness directed by Agnieszka Holland, Afterimage directed by Andrzej Wajda, Marie Skłodowska Curie directed by Marie Noelle, My Father’s Bike directed by Piotr Trzaskalski, Little Crushes directed by Ireneusz Grzyb and Aleksandra Gowin, Citizen directed by Jerzy Stuhr, Warsaw 44 directed by Jan Komasa, animations realized by Se-Ma-For, Anima Pol and WJTeam or documentary films of Robert Gliński - Traces, Counterpoint by Andrzej Papuziński, First Pole on Mars by Agnieszka Elbanowska, End of the World by Monika Pawluczuk or Variation for Cello Solo by Aleksandra Rek. 
Since 2016 the fund has been operating within "EC1 Łódź-the City of Culture’’ institution on co-production terms. This means that the fund has a greater influence on the process of film production, promotion and distribution of film and it can participate in the future profits from exploitation of films in cinemas, on television and on digital media such as e.g. DVD. Producers may, on the other hand, take advantage of the possibility to receive funds at an earlier date, since a part of the co-production contribution is paid directly after signing a contract. 
Within celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Łódź Film Fund a number of actions and activities are planned, for which EC1 - Łódź Film Commission department acquired funds from the Polish Film Institute (PISF). The celebration started from organization of a solemn premiere of the film: “Afterimage” directed by Andrzej Wajda in the territory of EC1, in January this year. 
The year-long programme of the celebrations includes e.g.:
• meetings with authors, discussions,
• creation of the celebrations’ artwork and design of interactive reportage summarizing 10 years of activities, 
• design and creation of jubilee series of posters of selected films by artists from Łódź, which have been co-financed by the Łódź Film Fund over the years,
• screening of co-financed films together with interviews, prepared on this occasion, with authors during film festivals in Łódź, discussions,
• and Polish nationwide promotion e.g. in trade press (Film Magazine of SFP - Polish Filmmakers Association), during the Film Festival in Gdynia, on-line channels and in social media.
We are convinced that the events connected with the celebrations will be attractive to viewers also those who are more and more interested in new solutions proposed within the programme’s formula.
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Fund beneficiaries

Direction: Agnieszka Elbanowska
Script: Agnieszka Elbanowska
Production: Poland 2015
Producer: Square Film Studio
Cast: Kazimierz Błaszczak
Feature film
Direction: Jan Jakub Kolski
Script: Jan Jakub Kolski
Production: Tramway Film Studio
Production: Poland 2013
Producer: Wiesław Łysakowski
Production Manager: Marek Bączyk
Cast: Julia Kijowska, Marcin...
Direction: Piotr Szczepański
Script: Piotr Szczepański
Production: Anagram Film
Production: Poland 2014, 2015
Producer: Anna Pachnicka, Piotr...
Cast: Marcin Byczewski, Witold...
Feature film
Direction: Jerzy Stuhr
Script: Jerzy Stuhr
Production: OPUS FILM
Production: Poland 2014
Producer: Piotr Dzięcioł
Production Manager: Jacek Gawryszczak
Cast: Jerzy Stuhr, Maciej Stuhr,...
Direction: Balbina Bruszewska
Script: Balbina Bruszewska
Production: WJTeam
Production: Poland 2014, 2015
Producer: Justyna Rucińska, Anna...
Direction: Aleksandra Rek
Script: Aleksandra Rek
Production: Wajda Studio
Production: Poland 2014
Producer: Adam Ślesicki, Iga Wójcik
Production Manager: Iga Wójcik
Cast: Dominik Połoński, Izabela...
Feature film
Direction: Paweł Wendorff
Script: Paweł Wendorff
Production: Anima Pol
Production: Poland 2015
Producer: Anima Pol
Production Manager: Anna Mroczek, Justyna...
Cast: Bartosz Turzyński,...
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